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About us

We are a brand which wants to inspire your creativity

After looking at alternatives

We started our journey

Having purchased a neon sign from an online store and after waiting several months for the low quality product with a big price tag – me and my friends decided to start our own LED Neon sign brand – Neonty was born. We made a promise to offer our customers the highest level of customer service and we have kept our promise ever since.

Time has passed

We have matured

After serving hundreds of customers we have scaled our workforce and production. At the moment Neonty is able to produce up to 200 LED neon signs per day. All orders reach our customers in 14 days. We don’t like to keep You waiting!

We’re just getting started

We focus on producing the best products at the best prices for our amazing customers, and everything we do is focused on our ultimate mission – ‘to inspire creativity, joy and aspiration for life through each unique piece.

"Neonty is the best! Fast delivery to England and the sign looks AWESOME! Can't wait to get my brother a gift from here for his birthday."
S. Walsh
London, UK
"Fabulous sign bought as a birthday gift for a friend who loved it. Very fast on delivery. Will purchase again as a gift and maybe get one for myself! :)"
A. Sorensen
Oslo, Norway